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©2012 San Diego Eviction Attorney Scott Rights, Esq.   RIGHTS & HAND, Attorneys at Law.  The California Landlord Tenant eviction and unlawful detainer information on these pages is to help in understanding the legal process in some aspects of Landlord Tenant law applicable to San Diego, California.  The information here is not the same as legal advice, which is unique to each set of facts.  You must consult with a lawyer to determine the appropriate action in your specific case.

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Call for a free consultation.  As part of our San Diego eviction services we will prepare and serve a three day notice.  We can assist with your San Diego unlawful detainer action as needed.

A San Diego Eviction and Unlawful Detainer Attorney will prepare and serve your 3 Day Notice for less than other eviction service companies.  We understand that time is critical in maintaining the profitability of any rental property.  Our expertise and experience will relieve you of the stress of evicting a problem tenant.  San Diego Landlord Tenant law can have many intricacies and pitfalls that hinder the goals of an investor and the result is lost income.  Our initial goal is to help you comply with all laws to maximize your investment.  Keeping tenants happy is an investment in itself, but when tenants fail to comply with their obligations, getting a bad tenant out fast becomes a priority.  Furthermore, with the courts holding landlords and their agents liable for lawsuits such as negligence, our expertise in property management can help reduce or eliminate that exposure.  You will find a good deal of information about the Unlawful Detainer process in San Diego under the link bar above.  Please call for our flat rate price schedule.  A San Diego eviction attorney is available 7 days a week to help you with your unlawful detainer action.